Дом и семья

Мировой опыт решения семейных проблем

Is it time to find out who I am?

I spoke with those who are engaged in improving their energy, with those who seek knowledge in their souls, in their society. And the answer to the question is always required: who am I, where should I go?
Everyone has their own reasons for a possible improvement in their state of mind and for their determination.

As a teenager, I read many books from old libraries about exploring the world of spirituality, human psychology and the reincarnation of his soul.

I wanted to understand what I need from life, how I can find it. There were many random coincidences in my life and I received answers, but there were even more questions that remained unanswered. When I was 20 years old, I started making appointments with doctors who were professionally involved in alternative health methods and esoteric practices. I wanted to plunge even deeper into the world of my understanding in order to find out the answers to my questions. I wanted to know why I was born, for what purpose? I did not accept myself as a mere mortal and for this I wanted to know my purpose in life.

Yes, these questions are very great in their essence. I tried to learn as many sciences as possible. He received the first degree in knowledge of English literature to understand the picture of all mankind for many millennia. I received diplomas in physical and medical sciences - from the food industry and herbology to color therapy. I learned the basics of meditation, yoga, eastern and western theology and philosophy. And many more necessary sciences that would give me answers to my questions.

Time passed and in 2012 my son helped me in my search. He was a composer of meditative music and upon hearing it, I suddenly changed from a physical state to a spiritual one, from a mortal to an immortal. And then suddenly I realized that I had received an excellent spiritual partner.

Continuing to work on the study of sciences, my knowledge became clearer and stronger. I began to live better, accepting and giving out love to everyone around me.

And the proof of this was their smiles and the joy that they gained after talking with me.

So now you yourself will look back on your life. Life is like a piece of clay that you just need to form professionally and get a unique and priceless thing out of it.

Having understood this and starting to shape your life, you yourself will know who you are and what you need in this world. You can easily join my meditations, you do not need to give anything for this, on the contrary, you will only receive.

Communicate with your soul with the help of your heart.